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Investing in Silver - investing in silver resource guide

How to invest in silver

This web resource guide will give you answers to your most pressing questions about investing in silver. We have resource videos that cover:

  • Is gold or silver a better investment?
  • How much does silver cost?
  • What are the benefits of investing in silver?
  • What kind of silver should you buy?

We also have in-depth resource guides you can download that give much more information. We discuss how to profit from silver. We cover all the news that affects the price of silver. We also have a section that discusses adding silver to an IRA. Keep reading to find the answers you need regarding silver as an investment.

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How much does silver cost?

Frequently Asked Questions: Silver as an Investment


Is gold or silver a better investment?


What are the benefits of investing in silver?


What kind of silver should I buy?

Profiting with Silver

Buy low, sell high

Everyone is familiar with the investing maxim “Buy low and sell high.” It is a simple concept, but not easily pulled off. It requires pricing insight on your chosen investment and trying to predict the future of that price. This is the oldest way to profit with silver. The downside of course being you must sell your silver in order to realize profit. This eliminates all the other long-term benefits that come with holding silver.

Profit with the Silver Lease Program

Another method that we offer our clients is a Silver Lease Program. This program pays you a monthly cash dividend to lease your silver. You are only leasing to this program; you are not selling. This program is a way to earn revenue on your silver without losing your position. In addition to the monthly income, you earn some pretty great perks that take care of the headache of owning silver: a free, high security storage vault and insurance from Lloyds of London.


Introducing the Silver Lease Program


What is the Silver Lease Program?


How do you make money with the Program?


Is the Silver Lease Program right for you?

Silver Lease Kit

Origin of silver on Earth

Silver is only created by the death of a star. When a star runs out of fuel, it dies in what’s called a supernova. These explosions are so bright they outshine the other stars in their galaxy. The explosion also causes atoms to fuse together, creating a lot of new elements, including silver. That silver is then belched into the universe, where is floats around until it comes into contact with other celestial bodies.

When the Earth was forming billions of years ago, some of the silver from a supernova collided with the planet and became embedded in the crust of our planet. Earth will not ever get any more silver, and that makes it rare. Because it is rare and hard to obtain, it becomes precious to us. Since it’s discovery 7000+ years ago, humans have revered this white, lustrous metal.

Supernova sends silver to Earth

Silver News

Silver in your IRA

Silver is an excellent way to protect your retirement savings. The nature of your IRA is to be long term savings and that is the best scenario for investment in silver. You can hedge against economic disaster as well as protect the spending power of your savings from the eroding treatment of inflation.


Free Silver IRA Guide

Precious Metals IRA Rollover Guide
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American Silver Eagle

The official silver bullion coin of the United States, the silver Eagle coin is among the most popular choice for investing in silver. These coins, which were first minted in 1986, are made from one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. Although the coins are given a nominal face value of $1, they are worth much more as bullion for the silver content.

The obverse of the American Silver Eagle is a copy of Adolph A. Weinman’s design for the Liberty Walking half dollar. The reverse of the American Silver Eagle displays a heraldic eagle with upswept wings and a Union shield across the breast.

Special Offer on Silver Eagles
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